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Women of Color Premium Gift Pack PINK - 4 items beautifully packaged for giving

Women of Color Premium Gift Pack PINK - 4 items beautifully packaged for giving

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Women of Color Premium Gift Pack PINK

- 4 items beautifully packaged for giving.

You will receive the Purple Premium Gift Pack. The Gift pack includes the following items.

1 - Women of Color Study Bible - PINK - Indexed

1 - Women of Color Purple Notebook / Calendar 2025-2036 Edition) - PINK

1 - Women of Color Water Tumbler - PINK

1 - Women of Color Tyvek Tote Bag - PINK

All packaged inside a a beautiful shrink wrapped gift box which is wrapped with a 'Gift Card' that allows you to place who the Gift Pack is from and the recipients name too!

There's a 'Gold Foil' trim on the purple gift box that helps to show the high value of this Gift Pack  and it's contents!

Give this Gift pack to the special people you know and love. Relatives, Friends, Co-workers, Church members, Pastor, Pastor's wife, Church Secretary, Purple Lovers or just treat yourself! Get all 4 items in side this beautiful Gift Pack today and start showing your love for this Bible in your circle of influence.

A thoughtful and premium gift for women of color, this pack includes four beautifully designed items: a Women of Color Study Bible with indexed pages for easy navigation, a purple notebook/calendar, a water tumbler, and a Tyvek tote bag.

The purple gift box, accented with gold foil trim, adds a touch of luxury and elegance to this high-value pack. Whether you're giving to loved ones or treating yourself, this pack is the perfect way to show your love for this Bible and its message within your circle of influence.

Only $149.99

See what's in the New Women of Color Study Bible here:

The New Women of Color Study Bible - LuxLeather Softouch Edition -INDEXED

Product Description:

It's more than just a  Bible, its a companion for life's journey, enriched with features that resonate with the experiences and spiritual needs of women of color.

The New Women of Color Study Bible is updated and expanded with all the original articles and features found in the highly respected and very popular 1st edition. This Bible invites you to sit down and enjoy reading it wherever you may be whether it's on vacation, while on a break from the work routine or at home studying alone. You can even enjoy it proudly at church or any Bible study group! Most importantly, this Bible is specifically designed to give today's Women of Color, inspiration, encouragement and the power needed to persevere through difficult times and to rest in the joy and hope that knowing Jesus brings.

Main Features:

* "Women of the Bible" profiles unlock lessons from the lives of biblical women.

* "Insight" articles offer insight from God's Word on issues of life, leadership and many   modern day topics.

* "Life Lessons" feature takes important scripture passages and briefly shares the 'lesson' to be learned.

* "To God" prayers tied to Scripture help guide your personal prayers.

* "From God" prayers encourage you to see yourself through God's eyes.

* "Black Presence" notes reveal the African influence in Scripture.

Other Features include:

* Complete and trusted King James Version (KJV) text in LARGE PRINT - 11pt.

* Quotes scattered throughout the text offer wisdom of African American women.

* 66 unique book introductions and outlines

* Front matter includes a Family Tree and Presentation Page

* Back matter includes a "Read the Bible in a Year" plan and topical "Verse Finder"

* Words of Christ in Red

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